Thursday, November 25, 2010

39th Thankful Thursday: Ask and ye shall receive :)

~760 Thankfuls were posted in response to last week's blog.  WOW!  I am grateful for those who shared their thoughts.  I feel like each post gave me a glimpse into another heart and enriched my life.

Thank you!

THIS WEEK:  Ask someone what they are grateful for.  

I have followed this week's prompt with a list.  It has the contributor of each list of Thankfuls as well as at least one of their Thankfuls.  I picked which Thankfuls were posted, and hope you delight in the following too.  :)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

38th Thankful Thursday: 1,000 "Thankfuls" for Thanksgiving! :D

I'm thankful for: my family, cornbread, Jesus Christ, our dog Molly, rain, snow, mountains, bees, honey, clouds, sunsets, chickadees, pictures of hedgehogs that my sister shows me, the color purple, my computer, my kitchen, my pillow, my blankie (I can't believe I typed that in public), and India.

That took less than three minutes.  

THIS WEEK:  Post 20 "somethings" you are thankful for.  Let's get 1,000 Thankfuls by Thanksgiving!  

--Please post your thankfuls in groups of 20.  That will make it easy to count to 1,000.  We just need 49 comments on this post.  
--This is informal--it's okay if your thankfuls duplicate those of another person.  
--I plan to post each day for the next week.  You are more than welcome to post multiple times too.  :)

Your participation is eagerly anticipated and much appreciated!!!  :D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Really corny, wheat and honey cornbread--what a mouthful! ;P

Just in time for Thanksgiving...IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!  duh duh-duh duh:  my favorite cornbread recipe!  :D  If you are looking for KFC-like cornbread, check out this recipe (I suggest halving the sugar).  If you are Southern and swear cornbread is not sweet, consider this.  If you'd like a cornbread so good your grandpa eats half the pan for breakfast, keep reading.  ;)

Moist, nearly cake-like, wheat & honey-sweetened goodness, packed with sweet corn kernels.  I like it just how it is without adding extra butter or honey.  I hope you enjoy it too.  :)  

Thursday, November 11, 2010

37th Thankful Thursday: Veterans Day 2010

Today I am grateful for the men and women who have served their country and their people, in combat or not, in chaos or peace, in the armed services, as a police officer, as a firefighter...  (If I left out your particular call of duty, please add it in the comments)

All three of my grandpas served in the armed forces (Navy, Marines, and Army), a cousin served in the Coast Guard, a distant cousin's husband serves as a Ranger, and numerous great-uncles and other relatives have served as well.

A Wyoming neighbor served in the Battle of the Bulge and was left for dead.  He still has shards of metal in his back from the bomb that blew up by him.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

36th Thankful Thursday: List of 50 Loves


I had no idea what could be special enough to celebrate this occasion with you. My inspired sister suggested I write a list of 50 things I love. Wow. She is awesome. So, dear reader, here is

Ivy's First List of 50 Loves:

Unpaid Endorsement: Chef's Catalog

I want to tell you about a company I stumbled on. Chefs Catalog started in 1979, and sells all kinds of cookware from top brands at good prices. I had been looking for a specific blender, and decided to buy it from them.

I couldn't be more pleased. They made sure my blender was delivered on time, even though I had requested a shorter delivery period. My blender arrived safely and securely packaged. The blender works beautifully. :)

You can check them out here.

Happy cooking! :)