Monday, February 25, 2013

Hola de Hermana, 25-2-13

Hola mi familia asombrosa!

We actually had a really good week, that had the pitfall of the surprise death of a young wife and mother in the ward yesterday.  It was the first death I´ve experienced here in the mission, and we spent the better part of last night and today in the ward.  It has been some of the most difficult 30 hours of my entire mission, and I cant express my gratitude to find all your emails, love and support!  And I also cant express how completely grateful I am for Hermana W.  I cannot fathom another sister missionary in the world with whom I would rather be than her, and it has been a blessed privilege these past three months.  Please continue to pray for us as we are still dealing with some issues, and need extra help following the Spirit.

We have a baptismal fecha for Kevin for this coming Saturday, and want to put the same fecha for his mother Carmencita.  Please pray for them because they each have their own issues to work out.  Our favorite moment this week was when Keven was encouraging his mother with all the animo in the world to get baptized this week too.  Bautizete mami!!!  And querido hnito Antony is just funnier and funnier.  We love this family so much!

Please wish Grandma Jan, Mrs. Nelson, and Taylor Happy Birthday!  I don’t have a calendar of other birthdays, and need your help remembering them!  Please congratulate Robert and Molly for me! I am so excited for them!

Family, I testify that we are sons and daughters of our perfect and loving Father in Heaven.  He knows us!  He sent His Son Jesus Christ to Earth to not only suffer for our sins but to overcome death, so that we may live again!  And according to our faith in Him, His Atonement, and the power of the Holy Priesthood, miracles are wrought on Earth, even today.  I testify God hears and answers our prayers, and to help us in this life, has sent the Holy Ghost to accompany us to help us make the right choices.  And learning how to follow His guidance is one of the most important and sometimes difficult life lessons we have in this life.  I also sustain our church leaders as being called of God to lead and guide us.  


Hermana Ivy [-]

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hola de Hermana, 18-2-13

Hola Mi familia asombrosa!  

I love you so much!  We are so grateful for miracles this week.  I know God hears and answers our prayers.  And thank you for your prayers too!

Antony was baptized!  Cesar, a departing missionary from the ward, baptized Antony, and just watching the two descend into the faunt, and when Cesar raised his hand and declared the ordinance my heart felt full.  And the Spirit just flowed over Hna C the mother, and she wants to be baptized now too!  Please pray for her especially hard because tomorrow she is going to talk with an Evangelical friend of hers and she really wants her support and understanding for her baptism.  

Yesterday we were really disappointed when Kevin, Antony´s brother, didnt come to sacrament meeting.  But when we were in Gospel Doctrine a member came and told us that two investigators were looking for us!  Kevin and Hugo, the reactivated 20 yr old, had come straight to church after working the gravenight shift in a bus yard, and while the two were red-eyed and almost not coherent (they were NOT drunk), I was almost weeping that they had made the sacrifice to come.  I know Kevin will be baptized, and I pray Hugo may be the one to do it.  

We know God loves Wilson, the 26 yr old.  We were late getting to his house and he had gone outside to wait for us.  He had read ALL of the church magazine on temples, first AND second Nephi, and is willing to be baptized when he gets his answer from prayer that the church is true.  Please pray for him because he also has some special challenges we need to work with.  One of our goals is to help him meet EVERY ward member so that he feels comfortable coming to the meetings.  He lives close to the chapel, and we invited him to tour it with us, and he said, in English, ¨Let´s go!¨ And the first person in the chapel we saw was the first counselor, with whom Wilson had played basketball.  I told them, ¨Vamos a ver a quien mas conoce,¨and then we ran into the bishop and Wilson told him in surprise, ¨Usted es el obispo aqui?¨and knows his father too!  We also know that we found the key member for Wilson, and are so excited to see progress!  Please keep praying for them! 

Yesterday we went to seek out a less active I´ve never met, and offered to help her son unload burlap sacks on his truck.  He gruffly said, ¨No toman cafe ustedes¨and I told him it doesn’t matter because there isnt a law that says we cant help him unload it.  And after 3 minutes of emptying his truck, the sacks weigh like hay bales, he was willing to chat with us and was very nice.  The funnest contact I´ve had in a long time!  Long live the ranch muscles!!!  jaja

I also felt sick at the thought of dropping our investigators Ivan and Kevin, two youth, and last night we realized who the key member is for Kevin.  I also know God heard our prayers for a miracle moment with them because we were able to talk to Kevin last night and put another visit for tonight. 

I testify that this work to save and exalt the children of men is God´s work, and He is in the details when we seek Him.  I testify we are all His children, and He knows and loves us.  I testify that you as Children of the Covenant have power and influence to bless and inspire and save our brothers and sisters when you prayerfully seek opportunities and then act on even the small promptings.  

I LOVE YOU TONS!  Read and study your own Preach My Gospels and then share your light!

Hermana Ivy [-]

Please wish Happy Birthday to Mrs. Nelson, congratulate the newest extended family members, and someone please contact Ms. Harward from Davis and tell her I was thinking about her and said Hi!  I love you all!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hola de Hermana, 11-2-13


I love you all so much!  I kind of forgot about Feb 14th until you´re emails...  I love how when I work hard here in the mission I forget about American stuff... rest assured I have NOT forgotten about YOU!  I love you and cant wait to give you hugs, and I´m so happy to tell you that we are loving and loving the people who are here too!  

We have a baptism service this Friday!!!  Antony, 18 yr son of Carmencita, decided to be baptized, and Carmencita is thinking if she wants to now or wait.  Kevin, the 19 yr brother, doesnt want to yet but is making changes.  We love them so much!  And every time we go we feel even more love for them.  And we´re trying to help them find other family members in the ward too.  

We had the lesson with Wilson, and are amazed at how fast he just gets things.  But we´re trying to help him feel the need to learn more instead of just wanting to learn a little of all the iglesias.  

We had been concerned that rudy and Bertha, the reference family from the stake counselor, didnt want any more.  But yesterday we had a lesson with them and we were all just so comfortable and they remembered the concept of apostasy and dispensations.  It was so funny as they were there describing the two concepts, trying to remember what it was called.  It was a priceless teaching moment I´ll treasure!

Blessings yesterday!  It was the first time Carmencita, Kevin and Anthony were ALL able to come to church together!  And Sat night when Hna W called Kevin and asked if he was still going to come to church, he laughed and told her he was with his friend Hugo from his new work and that Hugo was thinking about coming to church!  And HUGO CAME TO CHURCH ON HIS OWN; AND GOT THERE BEFORE C, K and A!  Turns out he is a convert but inactivated two years ago, but decided he is going to reacitvate in our ward!  What a blessing!    And another departing missionary, Yaki, (Jacki) brought her friend Vilma!  

We are receiving so many blessings!  I don’t think the Lord will let me finish my mission here so I´m trying to enjoy every minute.  Last night I was almost crying because I don’t want to leave my family here.  But I know the Lord sends us where He needs us.  If you would please pray for Ivan and Kevin, they are two 19 year olds that I just know God wants them in his church so they can do a great work.  But I feel like we need to meet and talk with their friends that arent helping them make good choices.  Please pray for us that we will be able to find and talk with them in the right time and place, and that we can have a miracle moment to help these youth feel Christ´s love for them!  

I LOVE YOU FAMILY!   We are fighting a war but our Savior is at the head of His army, and we are doing a great work for the Salvation of the children of men!  I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!  Lets go onward to victory!

Hermana Ivy [-]

Fotos, us after using machetes to cut down the equivalent of invasive paradise trees as a service project (it was a blast!) and Hermanito P in su mechanic shop