Monday, February 27, 2012

Hola de Hermana, 27/2/12

Hola mi familia!

Hola mi familia fantastica!  Right now I'm totally exhausted.  Two hermanas planned an excursion to a lake that sits on top of an inactive volcano, Chicabal near San Martin, and we did a LOT of hiking.  But it was absolutely gorgeous, and to be outside, away from cement in fresh frisk air was WONDERFUL.  I felt so much peace there.  And it was beaufitful.  It was completely cloudless, and then in 15 minutes clouds and fog rolled in SO FAST, and then towards the end in five minutes the fog cleared.  Brethtakingly beautiful.  It was also the first time I've worn pants and sneakers since the CCM service projects, and I LOVED it.  We went with six other hermanas and I was grateful for the opportunity to chat with them, learn from them, and do something different.  

This week there was a carnival in the central park, and we had lots of fun working around it.  On Martes the people had fun chucking hollowed and dried eggs at each other, called cascarones, which are filled with confetti.  We stayed clear of the park because a veces less respectable people chuck bags of flour or raw eggs...  and neither of us got plastered .  :)  But for part of the carnival, wednesday and thursday, a street near our house was occupied by people selling their cows and calves, with the animals lined up along the streets EXACTLY like the livestock barns at the county and state fair.  I LOVED it.  There were calves with at least partial heritages of Holstein, Jerseys, but unlike in utah, some calves with brahma heritage, with the floppy low hanging ears.  LOVED it.  Smells of the barn and sounds of bauwling calves...  I also enjoyed how they were fed dried cornstalks instead of hay.

We're working hard.  And so is Satan.  But I'm grateful to know that Jesus Christ PARTOOK and FINISHED the Atonement, and that through Him we can do all things.  I testify that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the World, that He has established His church on the earth again today as in times of old, and that He has called a profet, Thomas S. Monson, to lead and guide His church.  And the Book of Mormon is the evidence of this glorious and thrilling message.  We are preparing for the return of our King.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.  


--Hermana Ivy [-]

PS Totally weirded out to realize the day after the 21st I've finished five whole months. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hola de Hermana, 20/2/12

Hola mi familia!!!

We are so happy!  Sunday I learned I would stay here in my area.  Tuesday I met my new comp Hma M, who is from Alaska and majored in physics from BYU.  She is awesome, has three more months than me here in the field, and has tons of great ideas we are striving to put in practice.  Such as heart attacking the door of Luisa on Valentine's Day, and Luisa loved it.  We are striving to get different results through cosas diferentes, and I LOVE it.  

The first foto is when we were en route to the bus terminal Tuesday morning for cambios.  We rode in the back of an ancient beat up pickup truck and I LOVED feeling a bit like I was back at the ranch.  Its super common for people to ride in the backs of trucks here.  The second foto is the heart attack with chocolates.  And the third foto is when we helped at a primary activity on Friday making cookies.  Instead of mixing the dough in bowls they dump all the ingredients on tables and mix it all by hand.  Way fun, but next time we'll find a way to be more productive.  We only had one child of a less active family come.  

This week I grabbed a jar of cumin instead of cinnamon and put a couple shakes in my oatmeal before I realized my mistake.  Turns out with cinnamon, honey and banana it was TOTALLY AWESOME.  The cumin added an extra special kick.  I LOVE COSAS DIFERENTES.  Okay, just thought of something you can send for my birthday.  If you think a jar of our honey wouldn't explode, that would be awesome.  But if there is any danger in sending honey, please don’t.  

We loved receiving priesthood blessings from Bishop Paz last night.  It was an idea recommended by Pres Falabella, and it was a wonderful experience.  Recommend this for future missionaries.

We taught the Restoration to Sergio this week, and emphasized the direct priesthood lineage from Christ to his apostles, and from them to Joseph Smith.  At the end of the lesson I received the thought to explain to Sergio that all worthy men in the church can receive the same priesthood power, and that they are able to use the priesthood to give blessings, including blessings of health.  I explained Hermano P, a member in the lesson with us, had the priesthood, and could give him a blessing if he would like.  He did, and he received the blessing, and I thought how cool and inspired that was, to demonstrate during the lesson one way the restored gospel of Jesus Christ could directly bless his life and his family.  Another cosa diferente que voy a aplicar in lecciones futuros.

I love you all!  I testify Jesus Christ LIVES!  He loves us!  And we can and should be happy now and forever through the gift of His Atonement for us.   In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.  


Hermana Ivy [-]

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hola de Hermana, 13/2/12

Hola mi familia!!!  

I'm doing well, though sad Hermana S is being transferred.  I've learned tons, and could have learned tons more from her.  I'm grateful we both love each other.  Tomorrow we'll meet with all the other missionaries at the big bus terminal where I'll meet my new comp.  I've realized that one of my biggest hangups coming into the mission is that I was so focused on work I didn't be a good friend with my comps.  Now I'm going to be the very best friend I can so that we can be joyful representatives of our Savior together.

I gave Vinicio, Dalia, and Angela the fossils.  It was perfect.  :)  They opened them and just looked at them like they were rocks (which they are), and then I explained they were fossils and that Vinicio had opened trilobites.  His mouth dropped a little bit.  "Tango un trilobite en mis manos!" Later, "quiero ser coleccsionista"", and finally that after my mission he wants to come dig fossils at our house.  I look forward to it.  :)  The fotos are of his family, and of him and Dalia playing baseball in their house patio.  

Also realized that the photo with me and Hermana I is the first time you’ve been able to see "ropas tipicas".  they are gorgeous.  All different colors.

This week I had the brilliant idea to cut through the huge cemetery to save time.  I loved it because I was able to see how they stack tombs to save room, and they're colorful and of different materials like tile, and grateful Hemana S was patient with me because it took about 20 minutes longer to weave around all the tombs and try to find our way without marked paths. :)

I love you all tons!  I testify Jesus Christ lives and He is our Savior and Redentor!  We are only here on earth for a little bit of time, and this oportunity will never come again.

Love you LOTS!!!

--Hermana Ivy [-]

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hola de Hermana, 6/2/12

Hola mi familia!!!  

Estoy muy feliz y agradecida.  I´m practically over my cold, and am so grateful not to feel like my body is full of gross guck.  I´m excited to find out what happens or doesn´t happen during cambios next Martes.  For sure Hermana A from the other companionship will be training a newbie here.  And I´m trying to take care of all the details I need to in case Hermana S is transferred out of the area (she is positive she is but I have doubts).  

I mailed una pequeno paquetta home last martes with a little surprise.  Por favor tell me about your reactions.  :)

We´re working hard and I´m grateful to be here.  I slacked off with my language study these past two weeks in part because I can get buy with Hermana S, and I´m seeking inspiration for what I need to change to have more effective language study and progress.  What I don´t think I told you is I´ve taught during lessons from the very beginning of being here, but it´s only been the last few weeks I´ve realized how hard it actually is for people to understand from soley from what I teach because Hma S salvages whatever I don´t communicate.  I don´t know how to communicate it...  Dad, you´ve wished to be a fly on the wall during our teaching.  You can probably imagine, for me, a three year old communicating with my force, and a mother teaching what doesn´t come across.  I´m also trying to learn how to ask better and inspired, simple, questions.  That is such a skill, and essential for teaching.  I´m grateful that one of the many blessings of missionary service is learning how to be a good teacher.  

Luisa attended church this week and had a blast helping in the primary.  She loves children and wants to be a teacher, and I think that´s why she´s so patient with me when I teach.  Of all the people we´ve taught, she understands me most.  Because I sound like a child.  :)

This week we tried a new contacting method: ¨My companion can play the flute really well.  May we play and sing a hymn for you?¨ And it worked!  We contacted the Familia Velesquez, and the mother ¨didn´t have time to listen¨with her daughter.  But we played one song and then the mother came and asked us to sing another.  And we did.  And then, way weirdly, there was a RAIN STORM and we ended up being in their casa for almost two hours.  And they are moving to a house and need help WITH THEIR GARDEN!!!  I am THRILLED TO PIECES and she got a kick out of my excited five year old spanish communicating  ¨Por favor permitirnos a ayudarles!  Quiro trabajar en su jardin!¨¨  Ha, I can use my talents in contacting too.  :)

I love you all so much!  Jesus Christ LIVES!  He is our SAVIOR!  And through Him we can have peace and joy now and for forever.  And as we are strictly obedient in following His example and living His commandments, we can become like Him, Gods.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


--Hermana Ivy [-]