Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Promptings from God and the power to make our own choices

For four months I have planned on studying abroad this coming spring semester in Spain.  While I have been excited to go, I have also been ignoring doubts about whether or not I should.  This week I have been blessed by counsel by family who have helped me recognize promptings that God had been sending me, but that I had been all-to-willing to ignore.

I laughed out loud when I opened this because I had been ignoring doubts I'd been feeling for some time.  Note to my sister, "some time"--this was not the only one.  ;)

Ignoring my fortune cookie, last Friday I submitted my application to study abroad.  Two nights ago my dad told me my grandpa had asked him, about me, the following:

1) What am I going to do with my life and 2) Why was I going to Spain?

All the next morning I thought about those astute questions. I realized I could fulfill all my objectives for going to Spain here at my home university.  And I could better prepare myself to meet many of my personal goals here better than there.  I reflected on the doubt I'd felt, and the absence of ever feeling a spiritual confirmation of my desire to go.

I thought of an aunt who had once told me of a similar experience she had had as a youth, desiring to study abroad in high school.  Though she had been so excited, she also felt doubt and confusion, and ultimately never submitted the final part of her application.  A few months later she was given a church responsibility in which she knew she had been needed at home.  She told me since then that she shares that experience whenever she teaches others about following God's guidance to make decisions.

I cancelled my application, and feelings of excitement and doubt were replaced by peace and assurance.  I am grateful that I cancelled the application quickly enough to get my check shredded on the normally non-refundable application fee.

I testify that each and every one of us has a loving Father in Heaven who, though he has a plan for us, gives to us the precious power and gift of making our own choices.  We cannot choose the consequences of our choices, but when we choose to recognize and act on the promptings He sends us through the power of the Holy Ghost, we are blessed.  We are blessed with peace and happiness, and we are given power through our Savior Jesus Christ to accomplish what work God would have us do on this earth.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

In a three-part mini-series, an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ explains how we can recognize inspiration from God.  

What recent promptings have you recognized that God has given you?


  1. Sounds like there's something on the radar...good luck, Ivy! Way to listen to the promptings. You will someday know why. :-)


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