Thursday, August 26, 2010

26th Thankful Thursday: Delighting in summer bounty

I am sitting at my computer a little bit distractedly, because half of an Ambrosia melon is staring at me. It has a huge scoop of vanilla bean ice cream in it, taunting me, because they know I can't eat them while I type. sigh

I love this time of year. After a summer of staring at little tiny fruits and veggies, willing them to grow, I am finally sinking my teeth into succulent peaches and tomatoes, squirting some juice here and there, and rejoicing in our family garden. I am picking Asian eggplant as fast as they can grow. I'm tasting Armenian cucumbers (which are technically melons) for the first time, and love them.

Tomatoes. I love tomatoes. Blue cheese and tomatoes, basil and tomatoes, basil and mozzerella and balsamic vinegar and sea salt and a bit of olive oil and tomatoes...

I am grateful for the garden, and the glorious delights that are springing out of it. :)

This week: What are you delighting in right now?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

25th Thankful Thursday: This past week's favorite moment

I am sitting at my grandma's dining table in Wyoming. It is covered with a light blue tablecloth with a John Deere tractor pattern. I like looking at it. :)

After a month of cutting, baling, and stacking hay, Hay Season is almost done. Rainclouds aren't as terrifying now that everything has been baled. I love looking out to the vast fields, which look perfectly mowed. My sisters are out on the four-wheeler making sure the small square bales are properly turned to be picked up by the hauler.

This week's favorite moment: sitting on the porch swing with Dad, watching the spectacular sunset and clouds, listening to the sandhill cranes call, smelling the rain-kissed air, and feeling the gentle cool breeze.

How marvelous it is that a necessity such as oxygen can smell so heavenly.

THIS WEEK: What is your favorite moment from the past week?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

24th Thankful Thursday: Loving younger people (even if they are as tall or taller....)

My next youngest sister is having her Golden Birthday this Sunday. Here are some revised snippets from a prior Thankful Thursday post, with some additional warm fuzzies. :)

My next youngest sister has taken the Sun hostage in her laugh and cheery disposition. She recently completed the same 90 Day Mind and Body Transformation my Mom did, and my sister can't keep herself from radiating joy. She is confident, does hard things, is full of enthusiasm, and is so buff her hugs nearly squeeze the life out of me. ;) Her smile lights up the world.

THIS WEEK: Who is a younger person you are particularly grateful for? Why?

PS When was the last time you told that particular someone you loved them? I hope you take time to do it again today...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

23rd Thankful Thursday: Precious, silly, moments :)

Today I drove to my university's hometown so I could find housing for this next year (mission accomplished!). I asked my youngest sister if she wanted to go with me, and I'm so glad she did.

We ate lunch at the Indian restaurant I've wanted to go to for two years, Indian Oven. The food was great, I ate using my right hand only, and I was able to savor a mango lassi without fearing contaminated water. ;)

We celebrated my apartment with ice cream at a favorite local joint, The Bluebird. Raspberry and vanilla ice cream soda... delightful...