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Photo of Le paon,
Nathalie S. Gontcharova
**BEEKEEPING**  A steep learning curve, but the honey tastes FANTASTIC, wearing beesuit gear is cool, and it's a great conversation starter.  :)
--Beekeeping for Dummies is a great beginner's guide
--www. is a fantastic resource with DIY building guides and an active online forum
--Conservation Garden Park in Jordan Valley has some material in their resource library

On my "to do" list.  Can get mostly egg layers or birds meant for meat ("broilers").
--This book is on my to-purchase list.  Glenn Drowns is a superb breeder, and when I feel comfortable raising chickens, I'll buy my stock (Delaware and Chantecler breeds) from him at Sand Hill Preservation Center.

Instead of just composting waste materials, add worms to speed up the process and get extra rich, all-natural fertilizer.
USU Extension Sustainability factsheet on vermicomposting found here

Small livestock such as Dexter cattle (ancient breed used for dairy, meat and draft purposes, and are half the size of normal cows), Dwarf Nigerian dairy goats, or other dairy goats.  Some people raise rabbits or guinea pigs to produce fertilizer and as an extra meat option.