Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday: Inigo Montoya and a hoop house from heaven

I walked in the front door yesterday into what was supposed to be an empty apartment and was alarmed by a bellowing “HELLO!” I yelled and stepped back.  “MY NAME IS INIGO MONTOYA” the man proclaimed, brandishing a cardboard tube at me.  "YOU KILLED MY FATHER." I fell against the wall, gasping.  “PREPARE TO DIE”.  I collapsed into his arms, laughing. 

That is the man I married.  My best friend, and part of the reason I haven’t written on this blog for nine months.  Our story started with a search for wildflowers, picked up after an episode of rotten fish in a dumpster, and was made official over the altar.  But that is another awesome story for another day.  J