Tuesday, May 20, 2014

200 POSTS!!! And poem by Guest Author Hannah

Guess what?!? THIS POST IS THIS BLOG'S 200th POST!!!  WOOT WOOT!!!  [insert much fanfare, including bagpipes, which always make me cry... so maybe since this is a celebration, we should have Guatemalan marimba music instead...]

The following poem on introvert psyche comes from the brilliant mind of Hannah Harvey, authored May 19 2014, and was generously contributed as a guest post to this blog.  

Shy? Me?
Not shy. Not quiet.
Just reserved.
This unjust treatment to the introverted population cannot be so deserved.
It is as if all introverts are made of the same blank canvas.
To think they are simply antisocial is madness.
They are more than bookworms, having greater intelligence
And their few words hold a refined eloquence.
The pressure to become an extrovert is great
Yet it is not always so easy to communicate
When so many scorn for suddenly changing your identity.
They think they know you better than yourself when in fact you are an entity—
A being entirely independent from the rest of society—
And natural instinct still has a longing for acceptance and propriety.
The expectations for those who prefer to contemplate
Form a cage from which they cannot escape.
The neglect of the extroverts to lend a hand
Or to rescue the poor in popularity by taking a stand
Is so strong, even if they are unaware
That opposite actions could answer a prayer.
That single prayer asks for a friend
That will, through loyalty, a broken heart mend.

And now, a simple request—do not overlook the silent.
And watch as their faces turn vibrant.
For the Unvoiced have not a hushed wish to be left alone,

Only a burning aspiration for their true self to be known.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi, Hannah,
    I saw a mini-poster somewhere once that said
    Be sure brain is engaged
    before putting mouth in gear.
    Introverts are experts at that! Observe, ponder, then speak -- if you have a reason to. Hurray for introverts! Love, Mary


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