Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Of Tea, Time, and Minions--Acts of Love

Tonight I am grateful for simple acts of love.  My sister Drue and I have lived in our new college dorm room together for four days now. It is the first time in over 15 years we have shared a room.  Bless her soul, right now she is boiling some water for the "Throat Tamer Tea" we bought last night for my cold.  I am grateful I no longer live in my beloved solitary "hobbit hole", but with someone who is so thoughtful, cheerful and kind.

On Sunday my aunt gave me an incredible foot zone even though her family had to dash up to our ranch, and my uncle went and picked a luscious green melon for me to bring up to school.  After he came back in, he told me one of my favorite stories of how while in Hong Kong, his mom called him to tell him my brother and I had been born.  My heart filled with love and appreciation for this family that is literally my "other family", another mother, father, and siblings to me.  Monday morning another aunt and my cousins changed their schedule on minute's notice in order to help me feel better.  I am grateful to live close to those who mean the world to me.

What Matters Most: This video clip is a beautiful reminder to take time to show our love to those we love.

On Monday Mom and Huck helped us pack all our stuff into the van and the Subaru and helped us move.  I cant imagine trying to have moved without them, and they didn't get back home until midnight.

Tonight Drue Facetimed for the first time with our youngest sister Hannah who just returned home from band camp in the desert.  She showed us her crazy tan lines, and I loved listening to my sisters cry, laugh, and share together.  I am grateful for the technology that facilitates such communication.  We also got to see our dog, my dad, and my brother.

I've gotten thoughtful and generous emails from Mom.  Texts of Dad's culinary creations.  Youtube clips from Huck...  Calls from Mom and Dad while they were on their date...  I love my family.

Tomato & basil, egg, and corn smut stirfry cooked to perfection by Dad.  Yes, I drooled when he sent me the photo.  ;) 

Huck and Hannah celebrated Drue's birthday by creatively creating for her the funnest homemade birthday cake decorations ever.  I present to you, the

MINIONS!!!  Mwa ha ha!!!  :)  (bonus points if you can guess how they did it)

I love my family.  I'm grateful for the love we share and their examples for me.


What simple acts of love have touched you lately?

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