Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday: Inigo Montoya and a hoop house from heaven

I walked in the front door yesterday into what was supposed to be an empty apartment and was alarmed by a bellowing “HELLO!” I yelled and stepped back.  “MY NAME IS INIGO MONTOYA” the man proclaimed, brandishing a cardboard tube at me.  "YOU KILLED MY FATHER." I fell against the wall, gasping.  “PREPARE TO DIE”.  I collapsed into his arms, laughing. 

That is the man I married.  My best friend, and part of the reason I haven’t written on this blog for nine months.  Our story started with a search for wildflowers, picked up after an episode of rotten fish in a dumpster, and was made official over the altar.  But that is another awesome story for another day.  J

The past months have been crazy.  Right after I graduated with my bachelors degree last May, I started working on my Masters program and met Quinn.  Four weeks of dating and we became engaged.   Eight weeks after that we were married.  I put my Master’s program on hold to work, Quinn is finishing his bachelors in electrical engineering this coming May and is applying for graduate school, and life has been at once amazing, wonderful, and an incredible learning experience as we are understanding and meshing our perspectives and creating our eternal family.

Before getting married I felt pretty confident that I’d be able to transition smoothly.  Dad was right though—there have been things I hadn’t anticipated and have had to work through.  Sometimes it’s hard to “be an adult”, to arrange insurance, to work instead of going to school, to apply for job after job…Sometimes it’s hard to want to get out of bed. But today I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the angels who come into my life and help make it sweet and wonderful. 

Quinn is my best friend. A few years ago when I was talking with Dad about dating and what I hoped for in a potential spouse, and after talking about me being a beekeeper, wanting to have a worm composting system, and an edible front yard, Dad looked at me and said with a smile, “Ivy, he is going to have to be special.”  Yeah, Quinn is.  J I used to wonder how I could find a man I look up to as much as my dad, and Quinn both inspires and encourages me.  He helps me laugh, looks through my garden catalogs with me, is a steady listener and wise counselor, and I’m grateful we can make it through and enjoy both life’s challenges and happy times together.

My friends and former roommates have blessed me.  One found me an internship last fall, another was incredibly helpful as I’ve applied for different jobs, and when my hours were slashed at work, two came and brought hot homemade muffins.  I’ve been grateful to work with our local LDS Employment Center, and they’ve led me to small business development experts who are helping me figure out how to be self-employed.  I want to save enough money to pay for tuition this fall and spring, and with their help I’m working to do so. 

When we moved into our new apartment we fell in love with our church congregation.  Our bishop and one of his counselors visited and asked if they could do anything to help.  I told them I’ve wanted to build a hoop house to garden in, and asked if they knew someone with extra PVC pipe.  Today the counselor gave me an entire hoop house kit(!!!), and lent all the necessary materials to build it with!  After he left I sat and cried from gratitude.  I hope someday I can be as able to bless and empower others as he has done for me.

I am grateful.  So many of you friends and family have inspired and blessed me throughout my life, and while I’ve tried to let you know how much you’ve meant to me, days like today what thanks I’ve given doesn’t seem adequate.  I hope you know you make a difference in my life, and you have a long life yet to live to lift up others.  Thank you from my heart!  I hope today you will think of someone who has been an angel for you, and find a way to thank or honor them. 

With love,


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